Ad Film Concept for Diamond Sinks

This concept was submitted to an agency called ‘Water Your Brand‘.
It was written 14.06.2015


Andhere mein ek leg canvas mein enter karta hain fir doosra leg aata hai. Girl rampwalk karti hui kisi model ki tarah chalna shuru karti hai.

Footsteps follows…

Cut to:

Camera is in back of the same girl.

The girl reveals to full as it moves forward from the camera.

She is wearing a towel shoes. She has wrapped herself in a white furry towel. It is revealed that she in a swimming costume of black color. Her hairs are flowing in air.

She is passing from a lobby…walking towards a sliding glass door in her front / on floor of white and black tiles.

On her both sides is a door sized window of transparent glass with clearly visible greens cape outside.

Cut to:

Her towel is falling on the tiles.

Her thighs visible.

Cut to:

Her foot in close-up.

She is playing with water.

Cut to:

She is swimming under water.

Different cuts.

Her face is not yet revealed.

Cut to:

A medium shot where her hear head emerges from water in high-speed. Water drops are spreading out from her wet hairs.

Cut to:

Extreme close-up of her eyes only.

From here the camera dolly out very slowly to reveal her till the waist. We observe that she is in a lavish swimming pool. The steel stair is visible / water pouring from upwards /out-focused.

Cut to:

Water flow / dropping.

Cut to:

In top angle shot we see the girl in movement and water is falling from top. Tracking the water flow we go upward to find a tap source. Now our canvas shows a bigger tap throwing water on the girl, which looks smaller in water. She takes a dive to move inside water.

Cut to:

Visual similar to the creative benchmark.

Cut to:

Mirror. Girl is visible in mirror / wet hair / wearing bathing gown.

She touches the sink in seduction in an animated way.

Brand name reveals.

She takes a side in the canvas before establishing the product window.

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Ad Film Concept for Diamond Sinks

Ad Film Concept for Dr. Batras Multi-Speciality Hospital

This concept was submitted to an agency called ‘Water Your Brand‘.
It was written July 2015
Sun is setting against sea.
This is a beach (Like Silver beach, Juhu).
Joggers are visible. Some people leisure’s. A lady of about 50 years is walking parallel to sea. She is with her 4-5 years old grandson. Camera looks from back. Sylhoutte shot. Against the setting sun.
Early morning in a colony.
We see a house exterior – A motorbike parked inside the gate; some cotton sarees are drying in balcony.
Interior of a bedroom.
Godrays are entering inside from a window.
Camera shows close-up of a hand of a young boy with a wrinkled hand of an old lady.
Camera tilts up to show boys other hand. He is supporting his grandmother to rise from the bed. Takes her to a nearby sofa and leave her to sit.
Meanwhile the boy goes to the corner and start practicing his arrow & bow.
Grandmother is feeling lot of joint pain and murmuring like old ladies do.
The arrows makes little noise.….shataak…shataak….
Grandmother has no interest in his game.
The boy throws a smile on her to leave the room.
She does not feel relax sitting on sofa therefore she stands up with efforts….supports her leg joints…to walk towards the window…murmurs.
Boy comes inside with a cup of tea for her.
He support her to sit on rest chair next to the window and places the cup on a stool lying next.
She takes the cup to sip unwillingly,
“ Ek to haddiyon ka dard; subah subah gas ki problem ho rahi hai; aur diabetes….us par tum meethi-meethi chai de rahe ho”
Still “badbadate” hue she puts down the cup back.
She goes back to her sofa and sits,
“ lag raha hai BP ki problem bhi ho rahi hai”.
Boy is watching his grandmother activities.
He picks up an arrow to hit the target perfectly. As soon as his arrow hits the board, board graphics transform to Dr. Batra’s branding logo.
Sweet boy comers closer to his grandmother.
He puts his left hand gently on her shoulder/ back and says,
“ Dadi Bimariyaan Anek. Bharosa Ek. Dr. Batra’s
Both are entering Dr. Batra’s Multi Speciality Hospital.
Product window establishes.
Duration-30 sec
Tagline: Emotional connect.
शुक्रिया दोस्तों !
Ad Film Concept for Dr. Batras Multi-Speciality Hospital

Ad Film Concept on Toothpaste

I wrote it on 24.12.2014

It is dawn time on a sea shore. Birds are rushing back to their nests.

We register a handsome young boy jogging against the twilight/reddening sky on sea shore.

Some object stuck with his left feet. He observes that is an antique piece of beautifully carved glass bottle of chameleon tint. Boy observes a thick sheet of paper rolled and tied with a rich maroon ribbon of silk.

Surprised and Inquisitive.

He open the lid to get the rolled paper.


As he unrolls the paper we register a beautiful home in construction. Wall by wall rooms are built. Different colors of paint appears; painting these walls. Home formations gets complete. Home start rotating in 3d / 360 degree.

Camera starts pulling out and we see home rotating in boys retina. Camera pull out more to show his happy face.


He is surprised to see a wireframe diagram of same house on the paper. Wireframe diagram starts rotating and converting into colored/ shaded form. Soon more diagrams and text start forming on the empty space on paper.

Boy realizes that it is a beautiful catalogue of a paint brand.


Boy finds himself inside the living room of same home.

A brush start writing the tagline on its walls:

“ Khoobsurat ghar hamara sapna hai”

“Un sapnon mein rang bharte khoobsurat Asian paint”

“Banay aapke ghar ko sapnon ka ghar”

“Ting. Tong”

A paint box/container appears to establish product window.

शुक्रिया दोस्तों !


Ad Film Concept on Toothpaste

Face Cream Ad Film Concept – Darpan Jhooth Nahin Bolta

I wrote it on 5.11.2014

A girl wake-up in morning.

She is wearing short and T Shirt. She stretches her hands and leaves her bed. She is sharp faced girl with a fleshy body. She goes in front of dressing table’s full sized glass….moves her fingers from inside her hairs to her face and get dull while looking at her reflection in glass.


Close up of her facial expressions.

She moves to balcony.

Since it is morning  people are taking sunbath on their balcony, terrace etc. Sad girl observes that nobody throws attention due to her down skin tone. She comes back (realizing this) in front of dressing glass. Standing dull.


Suddenly glass gets transformed eyes.

Glass smiles looking at her with a care and raises its hand towards her, welcoming her to go inside with it.

Girl travels inside the dressing glass with a beautiful transition.

There is sur-real world inside.

Rainbow in dreamy sky, birds chirping on trees, butterflies on hedges and flowers. Very near is a pond with lots of heavenly lotus flowers on the surface.

The inquisitive girl feels a magical attractions towards the pond. She moves to touch a half bloomed lotus flower in the pond.


As soon as she touches the petals, flower blooms completely to project the product. It is a creampack.

The girl loooks at the glass surprisingly. It is resting down the tree.


Girl comes towards the glass. It smiles very positively and prompt her to use the cream. She ( in hallucination ) take  little cream to use.

Suddenly a magical transformation of her skin shade follows.

The skin tone turns pinkish bright.

Her hair flows in the magical breeze around. Even her costumes changes to turn her into a heavenly angel.

Glass smiles at her and raise its hand towards her to take her back.


She comes out from the dressing glass in her room and go out to the balcony again. Suddenly a breeze flows to divert everybody’s sight towards her only.


Establishment of Product window.

शुक्रिया दोस्तों !


Face Cream Ad Film Concept – Darpan Jhooth Nahin Bolta

Face Cream Ad Film Concept – Zero Se hero


I wrote it on 24.11.2014

A 19-20 yr old dark toned boy at Call Center office. He is wearing stripped shirt and black trouser. Working.

He looks at his front seated Babe.

The hot babe and others do not give him any looks due to his below average personality (nobody takes any interest in shaking him hands).

From the cafeteria reception he observes the Babe sitting alone, switching his lighter on-off-on-off….busy playing with her i-Phone.

The boy stops his lighter.Not able to suppress his urge, he fills two mugs of coffee before he offers one to the Babe.

She ignores him completely,

“Le aaye ho to rakh do”.

She replies courtesy less; without sighting him. Neighborhood boys and girls smiles sarcastically. The boy offers his mug to her and moves away silently. Feeling very low.

Late evening the boy enters his society flat. Sits silently on his chair; lighter in his hands. Cigarette pack in his shirt front pocket. Ashtray lying on the center-table.

Switches his lighter on & off/ on & off/ on & off.

CGI: Suddenly its flame start taking a Gandalf shape which transforms into product pack. The pack starts revolving gravity less; up on the flame. He takes the pack and opens it to reveal a flare of heavenly light source.

Transition to morning sun/ a very beautiful nature shot.

Boy’s flat’s exterior in wide with morning golden sun rays shimmering on window glasses.

Inside his bedroom:

The boy stretches his arms and legs inside his white sheet. We see very fair arms and legs pops out from the sheet….. finally a very handsome boy comes out of his bed. He comes in front of wall mirror, smiles and looks at his photograph hanging next to the wall.

Cut to:

He enters his office.

Everybody surprises.He goes to his chair and sits silently in front of his work-station. Cut to a close up of coffee mug. The hot Babe is offering coffee to this handsome boy now.

Product Window establishes with the tagline.

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Face Cream Ad Film Concept – Zero Se hero

MADAME Presents Zoe i Perfume – TVC

I wrote it on 24.10.2014

Tvc Script: “Girly Obsessions”

Close up of girls fingers opening the product and revealing her mesmerizing face. Fumes spread to reveal girls anatomy standing in front of a big glass on the wall. Fumes keeps on revealing and it starts transforming the background (which is a mansion interior) from color to monochrome and vice-versa.

Girl looks at a nearby sculpture of male figure.

Tights of her beautiful expressions.

She starts walking in front of series of glasses on the walls.

Keeps on moving.

Background transformation reflects the moods. We see her reflections on the glasses – different poses/ different dresses.

She rhythmically runs towards the door.

We play with her tights and some wide angle camera.

She is about to touch the exit and a fountain outside begins in monochrome (Wide).

She slows down to a state of walk.

Time-lapse to night and she turns back to inside.

Now the similar mansion interiors have lights and colors – the hypnotic girls runs.

Visual fade to reveal the product window on the canvas.



Format – Live Action plus CGI.

Film Writers Association Registration: 287238


Joe i

Joe i_Treatment Sheet



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MADAME Presents Zoe i Perfume – TVC

Slimming Ad Film Concept – Post Pregnancy

Int. House. Day

A beautiful pregnant lady is sitting on a comfortable sofa. She is a fat, mid-sized lady in her pregnancy days who is browsing a Life Style magazine.

We see a bowl full of wafers is lying next to the magazine.

While turning the pages she does not forget to pick and eat the wafers from the bowl. She stops turning the pages when she registers a food brand.

Close up of the advertisement shows very appetizing dishes such as fried chicken, burgers, chocolates and cold drinks and she starts feeling the dishes by touching the pictures.

CGI: As soon as she touches a picture, the dish transforms to reality and comes out of the magazine. Woman picks the dish from air and eats it.

Cut to:

After the delivery of her baby the lady is back to normal.

No tummy remains but she observes that she got flab (undoubtedly). She start attempting to find suitable clothes for her from her ward robe / struggles / pick out clothes / throw them away.

Finally she finds one jeans. The jeans though fit her but it is very tight. She makes attempts to tie the buttons.

Cut to:

She is standing on a weighing machine and registers that weighing machine gets an avatar / facials – first she makes a face of being pressed or squeezed and then we see her kilograms are highlighting drastically (90kgs).

CGI: The machine smiles sarcastically at her.

Seeing this, lady gets sad and comes down the machine to sit on a nearby sofa. She tries to focus on wall mounted LED television and start browsing the channels.

She observes a food commercial and stop at a channel. Her facial expression clearly shows her desire to eat the food shown on television.

CGI: We see that the commercial pauses itself and food items start coming out of television screen to rotate around her. She tries to catch them but fails and the food objects goes back to television screen.

Ad film continues.

Her face shows an expression of unhappiness.

Ext. Market. Day

She is roaming in a market with her husband when all of sudden an advertising hoarding of a food company diverts her attraction.

It shows, “EAT MORE”.

CGI: In the similar way the food items in hoarding advertisement comes out to revolve around her to tease her. She is badly hungry but helpless to eat.

Unable to control her urge to eat she leaves her husband’s hand and rushes towards a nearby open garden restaurant.

Inside the garden is running a buffet. Watching the buffet with greed she gets hallucinated to go into her dream.

CGI: In her dream there is a fountain of chocolate / waterfall of cold-drinks / nearby pond contains lotus flowers with leaves as pizzas / a mountain of ice-cream. She smiles to pick a scoop of ice cream from the mountain.

Comes closer to camera….smiling…says,

” Tagline”


शुक्रिया दोस्तों !



Slimming Ad Film Concept – Post Pregnancy