My recent concept for kids (4-10yrs)

He is an amazing character for kids, a toon character with distinct visual style which has all the capabilities to become a brand representing all Indian kids globally.

His metropolitan Avatar:


The Making:

His making is very interesting story. You will be surprised to know that he evolved from a breed which belong to Third World. A world of mystical powers. Powers which made the Angels jealous. I met one of his parent in 2008 in Mumbai and believe me friends i was not having any clue about him then. I will soon write his entire story for you. Meanwhile lemme tell your more and more about him and his attributes, his attitude, his style, his gadgets, his thoughts etc.




His gadget is called Bellatrix – The character (his name is not disclosed yet kids) earnt Bellatrix after a series of futile battles in Universe. His brightest blue car is the bye product of bellatrix and it is equipped with Plumber technology such as a turbo engine, chameleon transformations, laser guns and also an autopilot. The car are is often destroyed during his dangerous missions and he use this healing power of his own mind to reincarnate his Car.

His hair styles:

He and his friends are full of spunk, i thought giving them hairstyles that matches their fun personalities you know. I tried all…from short spiky strands to long curly locks and  in between. Like for him, i choose styles that’s right for the boy’s hair type and attitude.


I know that sometimes he feels that i can not do Disney’s Rapunzel inspired hairs (for him specially) but for him i always has great cute (swept) hairstyles in my bank – faux hawk franky, flipped out forest, slick samuel or elevated evan, textures bobby or dashing danny.


Lightyears – Astronomers measure distance in light-years. One light-year is the distance light travels in one year: 9,458,000,000,000 kilometers. A light-year is a long way: to go one light-year in the Space Shuttle would take you about 40,000 years!

Orion – Two of the brightest stars in the evening sky lie at opposite corners of the rectangle: bright orange-red Betelgeuse at the northeastern corner and even brighter Rigel at the southwest. Betelgeuse is is at least 300 times the Sun’s diameter, and perhaps much more. It puts out about 100,000 times more energy than the Sun does. And when it dies, it will create a fireball that will briefly outshine billions of normal stars.

Betelgeuse is a red supergiant — the largest class of stars.

It’s probably close to 20 times as massive as the Sun. The gravity of such a star squeezes its core tightly, heating it to billions of degrees. Such a stellar blast furnace consumes its original hydrogen fuel in a hurry, “fusing” the atoms together to make helium and producing incredible amounts of energy in the process. It then fuses the helium to make heavier elements — carbon and oxygen at first, and eventually all the way up to iron. When that happens, the star no longer produces energy in the core. Without the reactions in its core to push outward, gravity quickly causes the core to collapse, forming a neutron star.

A massive explosion rips through the star’s outer layers, blasting them into space at a few percent of the speed of light — a titanic blast known as a supernova.

We can’t be sure when that will happen to Betelgeuse, but it’s probably soon on the astronomical time scale: just about anytime in the next hundred thousand years.

Rigel is a blue supergiant.

Like Betelgeuse, it is much bigger and heavier than the Sun. It’s surface is thousands of degrees hotter, however, so it shines blue-white. That high temperature means that Rigel also pumps out a lot of ultraviolet energy, which produces sunburn and other problems. When you add up the ultraviolet, visible light, and other wavelengths, Rigel shines tens of thousands of times brighter than the Sun. In fact, depending on Rigel’s exact distance, it could be up to 100,000  times brighter than the Sun. 

With so much energy streaming its way, a planet would need to be billions of miles away from Rigel to be a safe abode for life, and it would need a thick ozone layer to screen out the ultraviolet. Even then, such a planet wouldn’t be a good long-term home.

In a few million years, Rigel, too, is likely to blast itself to bits as a supernova. The energy and shock wave would make quick work of life on any world around it.

Rigel Right foot 0.18 773
Betelgeuse Left shoulder 0.45 427

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Continues further …

Thank you friends.


My recent concept for kids (4-10yrs)

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