Stealing is bad.

A beautiful incident happened when i was a kid (three years).

It was my first day at school , actually nursery, at Banaras. In the class there was some kid sitting next to me (i am not recollecting whether the kid was a girl or a boy). The kid has a beautiful yellow pencil and i took it from him in fascination. When the class finished i took the pencil in my bag. I do not remember whether he or she remembered the pencil or not but the beautiful pencil came with me to my home. My school was closer to my home. Even today i can see my school from my home’s roof.


My mother was waiting for me.

Always a happy child i entered my home in cheerful mood when my mommy took my bag and sat on the sofa. I remember clearly that i used to sit on the sleek  platform of a window in the room. I sat there.

My mommy was checking my tiff-in (just to assure that i ate my food on my first day at nursery), my beautiful books when she got that beautiful yellow pencil. She took the pencil out and realized that it is not that pencil which she put in my pencil box.

She asked me, “whose pencil is this”.

She was surprised to get a quick answer from her little daughter when I said,

“my friend gave it to me”.

My mommy loved me and said, “return this pencil to your friend tomorrow and also convey him/her that please take it back as my Mommy will take me a similar pencil if i wanted”.

Next day (my second day at school), i returned that pencil to the real owner with a very happy gesture after conveying what my Mommy said.

The very same day my loving Mommy gave me a similar pencil and said to me,

“if you require any thing, the first thing you need to do is to tell me and i will see when i can get it to you”.

Thank you Mommy for imbibing such a great lesson to me, in such a beautiful way.

Without saying anything she taught me that kids who steal once might do it a second and third time, until it becomes a habitStealing is taking something that doesn’t belong to you.

That yellow pencil did not belong to the 3 year old kid, who was me.

Thank you friends.








Stealing is bad.

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