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Sector – Electronics

A next generation girl enters on canvas/ against a seam-less bg. (This girl is our dream user or you can say Girl #1).

Like her generation she is too demanding – Dancing with jerks. Body curves clearly visible. Hair are flowing in air. Her dress is a modern (tier I city) collage girl. She just stops as soon as a pink exercise ball hits her butt.

Picks the ball to sit on it. Her thighs forming V shape. Her hand knees rests on the open portion of wheatish thighs. Head rest in her palms. Hairs are hanging in front of her very fair face. She needs a state-of-the-art mobile telecommunication technology; Video/ hangouts/ skype; Video conferencing; Mobile web access; Ip telephony; Gaming services; High definition tv; Audio chat; High-tech operating system; Security requirements for mobile remote financial transactions in next generation networks; Pervasive computing; Cloud computing etc. But – do not know how to get all her demands fulfilled with a single mobile set.

CGI Montaz – Intercut.


 With the voice over, the seam-less bg changes to a high-tech environment which she sees surprisingly. She registers a hologram like glass screen where the text SKYWIN is sparkling.

A very seductive girl appears. (This is our Girl #2).

She click two bluish neon buttons on screen.

Screen changes to produce a sexy mobile phone model of SKYWIN S30. We see its feature/s start circling on the screen. She raises her right hand towards the mobile. The Girl cheers with happiness when SKYWIN S30 comes out of the screen and Brand Ambassodar Manali #1 picks it away while turning towards the Girl.

She comes to the Girl #1.

“ This has everything a modern generation like you need “, she says.

Girl #1 takes the mobile proudly. Soon Girl #1 registers a Tablet model rotating on the same screen from where Girl #2 picks the mobile. Girl #1 rushes towards it. She is carrying the mobile in her left hand. She swipes the pictures on Tab’s screen.

Tab’s features are live on the glass screen. She selects a track on the Tab to dance but she did not hears the music until another beautiful girl (This is our Girl #3) connects her a sexy headphone with her mobile and plug it in her ears.

Girl #1 got everything she wanted.

She starts dancing.

Product window reveals with Skywin products coming inside the screen and taking their place.

_________  ______________________________

Film Writers Association Registration:  19721

Date of Regn.: 24/03/2015

Format – Live Action.

Production house – Ameyam Films

Director – Mr. Laksman Paladugu

_________  ______________________________

Contact: rittisrrivastava@gmail.com

Thank you friends



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