Actress: Manali Rathod

TWFA regn:  19721

Date of Regn.: 25/03/2015

Format – Live Action.

_________  ______________________________

A sexy sweet girl is dancing with beats against a seam-less bg.

She is dancing with jerks – Body curves clearly visible – Hairs are flowing in air.

Her dress is a modern (tier I city) collage girl. She just stops – as soon as, she registers her boss on her sexy SKYWIN S30’s 3G.

She accept the call, to listen that her boss is reminding her for a 9.30 am presentation with foreign delegation.

She checks on her mobile – it is 9:15am…..smiles.

Not stopped dancing yet…. she says, “ I will present it from my home Boss…not well”.

The worried boss is desperate now, “Manali..come on…this is not America”.

Manali cuts the phone……

“ I can Boss….. !”

She says in a typical feminine style……before she turns to audience fully….says, “ …..because I have SKYWIN”.

By expanding her hands, she makes a chukti by snapping her fingers.

Manali’s V.O:

                     “WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF SKYWIN”.

With her fingers snapped and the voice over she changes the seam-less bg to a high-tech environment. We register a hologram like glass screen where a text SKYWIN is sparkling.

Features which she needs start coming on the screen:

1. High speed mobile computing.

2. Applications like electronic newspapers, stocktrading, and e-commerce that take on added value when users are mobile or working away from their offices or homes.

3. Video/ hangouts/ skype……video conferencing.

4.High-tech operating system. Security requirements for mobile remote financial transactions in next generation networks.

5. Cloud computing.

She goes happily toward the screen/ still dancing and place her SKYWIN S30 at a place on screen.

SKYWIN S30 starts rotating slowly and slowly. We see its features revolving around the mobile. She registers digital time clock on the screen – it is sharp 9:30am and click two bluish neon buttons on screen.  

She comes in a sincere pose/ wears SKYWIN headphone/ stops jerking. She opens her presentation screen on the Tab. Clicks on  client’s video thumbnail to shift them at a place on the screen.

Her boss cheers as soon as she completes the presentation successfully. She swipes her fingers on her boss’s pic to shift it inside the Tab. 

[Features start coming one by one on the glossy screen].

She finishes the presentation done. Jumps……cheerfully.

Drag her sexy SKYWIN S30 to shift it in the center of screen. Next to it more mobile models of SKYWIN family starts coming inside the screen and taking their place. Soon second row is filled with Tablet series models.

It completes the formation of product window.

“ SKYWIN has everything a modern generation needs “,  Manali says proudly.

_________  ______________________________

Production house – Ameyam Films

Director – Mr. Laksman Paladugu

_________  ______________________________

Contact: rittisrrivastava@gmail.com

Thank you friends



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