45 sec Tab concept – Ad Film


Product – TAB

Format – Live Action

TWFA regn. date: 25/03/2015 /



A fair ‘n beautful girl wakes up with rising sun/ in her bed room/ with a sweet alarm on her favorite TAB/ its 7 A.M/ wearing a short on a half baniyan. In wash room where her TAB reminds her of the office presentation. Gird prepared for office/ wearing deep violet wide necked t shirt with a grey jacket/ black trouser/ black belly. She picks up her deep handbag from a glass table and her TAB which is lying next to it. Word “MOM” starts blinking on the TAB. Her mother is calling/ She presses accept button on the TAB and her mother’s smiling face appears on the screen

[3G feature]

Girl stat talking to her mother while moving/ She is far away from her/ missing her very much/ wants to see her/ calling her home this weakened.

Environemt: Office

The girl is presenting her ideas by using her TAB/ connecting it with a big touch screen. Sitting on office chair/ sipping a mug of coffee. Word “HONEY” starts blinking on the TAB/ Her boyfriend is knocking her TAB’s chat box. His boyfriend observes that she is little sad today/ ask the reason/ comes to know that she is missing her Mom/ he suggests her to go out and relax for a while after her office/ promises to meet her.

She gets an alert on her TAB while leaving her office for the day, “Hey MANALI, Drop by and check out our new collection”.

She goes to Mall/ buys apparel from new collection. Her boyfriend meets as she comes out of the store/ she hugs him. An alert comes on her TAB, “ Mumbai to Hyderabad; Flight Number ######; PNR Number ####; Seats E 1, E2”.

She goes crazy hugs his boyfriend many times/ time for SELFIES

[front .3 mp & rear 2 mp camera/s]

CUT TO: A flight coming towards the Camera/ Screen against orange tinted twilight sky. Our TAB establishes on the screen with a glint of light effect/ Caption comes. Product Window.

Status – Available

Contact: rittisrrivastava@gmail.com

Thank you friends


45 sec Tab concept – Ad Film

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