First Love


Here is the English Version for all my friends on Mother Earth

I was of 12 years.


I do not know now how but I developed soft corner with a boy (a man rather) of thrice of my age.

I remember that those days I always felt good to think about him and to care about his family also.


I attempts to avail any opportunity to get a glimpse of him. It was very pleasing to know more and more about him. He was a Bengali guy. Bengali traditions and culture used to attract me most.

See this is how nature shapes us.

I belong to Kayastha family. I was studying in Khalsa School. A good number of my friends were bengali. Down the line (next 12 years)  my destiny was about to take me to Mumbai (Among Marathi , Guzrati and Parsi families) via Delhi (A mixed culture which is predominated by Punjabi traditions and values).

Anyway, I felt that my attraction towrds that guy was something which was very original; very natural. And with the age onset, girls and boys face these emotions/ feeling (whatever..) with someone (compatible).


You know when you are in the journey, from child to teenhood, whatever comes as the force of attraction to us, we term it as LOVE.

A serious kind of love !

We try (then) that the feeling must prevail.

When I was passing the stage, it was the time when the things really do not traverses in fast track.

There was distant seeing (of each other). It used to take ages to know the name of person you are attracted with. And then realization knock your door.

My innocent journey got severly ( 🙂 ) hurted when I realized (in open day-light) that my bopy is considering me a kid.

” Beta tum music seekhti ho kya ?”

[ Hey Kid, are you learning music ]

Shattering !


I heard the words which were more coherent than a laser. and more sharper than shrapnel. I remember that I just moved my head (a very little). That occasion was of some marriage.


And the pain—it’s real, isn’t it?

Like tangible pain.

My heart was broken. It was the saddest thing in the world.


I grew young, grew mature.

Mature enough to realize the difference between ‘Infatuation’ and ‘Love’.


In actual it was a temporary love of an adolescent , “Me”.

It was like falling in love with or becoming extremely interested in someone (that Bengali boy) or for a short time.

This realization came me only after I found my life-partner, when I gradually realized that“Being in love, you transform and into someone new and you can never go back to”.


Thank you friends.


First Love

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