More Characters for Kids

Client – Studio Mahatta (P) Ltd

Varah avatar: Race-God / Age-Immortal/ Hair-Black’n grey/ Eyes-Deep red/ Skin-Tan/ Height-8 feet/ Strength locator-Physical/ Endurance-Deeply patient/ Wisdom-Excellent/ Spell-Farsa.

Hiranyakashipu: Race-Demon / Age-Mortal/ Hair-Black/ Eyes-Yellow brown/ Skin-Red tan/ Height-7.6 feet/ Strength-Demonic will power/ Endurance-Substantial/ Wisdom-Immense/ Spell-Hate towards Gods.

Prahlad: Race-Demon / Age-6 years/ Hair-Dark brown/ Eyes-Grey/ Skin-Wheatish/ Height-4 feet/ Strength locator-Lord Vishnu/ Endurance-Immense/ Wisdom-Excellent/ Spell-Nanu Narad’s trainings.


Mahamantri: Race-Demon / Age-60 years/ Hair-Bald/ Eyes-Shrewd grey/ Skin-Wheatish brown/ Height-7 feet/ Strength locator-Brain/ Endurance-Deeply patient/ Wisdom-Excellent/ Spell-Witty, Can control brain of any alien, man, god whose nerves are polluted with bad thoughts.

Race-Demon / Age-23 years/ Hair-Brown/ Eyes-Blue/ Skin-Tan tinged/ Height-6.2feet/ Strength-Dangerous/ Endurance-Nil/ Wisdom-Cunning/ Spell-Can not be burnt, A reptile friend


Demon Prince: Race-Demon / Age-Mortal/ Hair-Maroon grey/ Eyes-Golden/ Skin-Brown tan/ Height-7 feet/ Strength locator-Muscles; physical energy/ Endurance-Impatient/ Wisdom-Lacking/ Spell-Limitless pride.

Character Asset.

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Continues further !!

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More Characters for Kids

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