Strory: Miracle Child


This guy is a shrewd beaurocrat but a born villain. Extremely intelligent but devious. One of the most hated personalities. He uses his to squint his eyes when he plans to kill his helpless victim by his infamous loghead multipurpose sword. His sword is actually a dangerous creature who flies in air when he is not busy killing his victims.



He is a protagonist. Born in Middle -Earth, he spent much of his childhood at a saint’s cottage in the valley. Though by descent a demon of Lower-world who attained heavenly powers greatre than mutations to overcome his devil powers, he is a normal child and a great friend. A legendary figure in the history of All-World when he underook the quest to destroy the furious don of demon dynasty (a deceitful assasin of his mother).

He bore the fellowship of God, despite all hardship and personal sacrifice, proving himself to be a super hero of equal stature to the greatest warriors.


A talking hybrid. A human and lion. He is king of beasts, wise, compassionate. A magical authority and beloved guide to all the existing protagonists of Middle-World. A guardina and saviour to All-Worlds. Very rarely seen.


He rules the fifth region. All gods and protagonists trembled with fear when he was born by a heavenly saint, actually a good heart alien. When child he gained terrible form and grew up day by day and looked like mountain. He was malevolent alien stronger than anyone. At his very site heroes hid themselves. He prefers to exist most of times in Lower-Worlds in forms like human or demon.


She is a princess. Styled. Majestic. She claims that she is a nicest living form from all the worlds. She had given dominion over all the aliens, monsters, beasts and magical creatures of All-World.


She is very famously being admired as “Pink Witch Alien” in the inhabitants of Middle-World. her life is full of notorious deeds and she bears numerous spells.


Though an alien but kind one. She is the last flowering beauty. The greatest of all demonoid women, and in her form, it is said, the beauty is restored to the Lower-World. She had long before given her love to a mortal alien demon whose army has been crushed by Gods, actually a supreme race of humans.


This creature stopped ageing and appeared at age of 5000 years like a robust human just out of teens. A red cheeked hybrid of unknown dynasty and rather thin but taller his mutagenic powers lie in his pony which is controlled by a cleft in his chin. He enjoy throwing grand parties to children, alien kids, jungle animals of All-Worlds. Effectively and respected in All-Worlds as the legendary well-wisher.

And many more.

Thank you friends.




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