Childhood impressions

My first few memories dates back to first ever Liril soap ad in 1985 ( featuring Karen Lunel.

Few more i remember today were Colgate ad in which Baby Guddu, one of the most popular child actor of Hindi films acted ( and Rasna’s ‘I love you Rasna’ (

Alyque padamsee:

The first liril ad was a masterpiece of its own calibre, a product ofAlyque Padamsee’s imagination.

A girl having fun under a waterfall with a Liril soap.

Alyque Padamsee, former CEO of Lintas and the creator of the ‘Liril girl’ told Economic Times, “I feel vindicated because there are some appeals that are timeless. Freshness in a tropical country has an eternal appeal which is now being revived.”


Think Liril and the next thing that comes rushing to mind is its trademark ‘La, lalala, la, la, la’. This tune is closely followed by the visual of a girl frolicking under a waterfall. The Liril Girl, conceived in 1974 by ad agency Lintas (now Lowe Lintas & Partners), and discontinued in 2009, is quite simply an audio-visual treat.

Shazahn Padamsee:

40 Years Ago and now – Kushal Srivastava, Director MAK Productions offered me to write ad film for Alyques proud daughtor, Ms. Shazhan Padamsee.

Please find the on-line presence:

Madame presents to you ‘Joei Perfume’. The essence that will keep you fresh all day long.

I am thankful to MAK Productions for offering me design main costume for the pretty actress.



Thank you friends.




Childhood impressions

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