Ad film – 30 sec

Sector – Electronics

Product – Mobile

A fair and beautiful girl is decorating herself before a mirror.

The Girl is wearing a semi-transparent black saree embroided with desat red, blue and orange flowers on periphery of the saree, her skin is reflecting at her curves near her waist and upper body.

A beautiful butterfly scarf on her head’s back is enhancing her beauty. Her nails carry compatible deep red nail polish.

A back side desat red curtain is reflecting on almost 85 percent of the mirror and next to the mirror we see a metallic vase full of sexy roses (red)/ on embroided/ wooden stool.

Girl puts deep red lipstick and sees her proudly. Her reflection is making her gorgeous beauty.

She is in her own world. She makes the typical posture of making her diagonal profile in front of mirror. Start looking on her body parts in her reflection. For the first time we registers a smartly carved beautiful glossy black mobile in her hand.

Text comes in an exciting manner/ on mirror: A wonder to behold.

She clicks her body parts each time she looks them on.

We see not only her luscious lips but her beautifully carved soft fingers/ nails are wearing the saree deep red nail polish. Hairs keep flowing (very subtle).

Next to the mirror is a metallic vase full of sexy roses (red)/ on embroided/ wooden stool.

While secretly picking her body pictures (we will not show any show the close-ups or intercuts of what she is grabbing). She interacts with herself and keeps on clicking.

Text comes on mirror: Innovation in every Interaction.

She hides his mobile behind her curvy waist once she observes that her husband is coming to catch her by hiding. She ignores him/ pretending she did not register him. When the husband almost approaches her/ about to grab her from back, she places her mobile on the surface of mirror / to surprisingly let it staying there.

Text comes on mirror: Lightweight, 159 Grams; 800 * 480 Pixel Display.

She runs away from her husband.

The handsome mobile clicks their precious beautiful moments.

Text comes on mirror: 5 Mega Pixel Front Camera + LED Flash.

Girl’s semi-transparent embroided saree pallu flows in air (hi-speed).With a round inside bed room she visit back in front of mirror again and stops seductively thereby letting her husband to catch her.

The mobile on mirror disappears as soon as the husband comes in front of the mirror to catch the Girl. The husband catches her from her back. He keeps his left hand on her hip. From his right hand he moves her hairs falling on her face and says,

“In this earth the most beautiful like you”.

We show intercut of mobile skin’s glossy silhouette on full screen.

Text comes: 136 X 66.7 X 9.5 mm Dimension

We blend it with a beautiful reflection of girl’s semi-transparent chiffon saree. We will match her reflection with the mobile to register it fully. Husband comes near to her ear takes the mobile and says,“The most intelligent like you”.

Text: Talk time up to 11 Hrs 20 Minutes**; Standby time up to 540 Hrs**

He passes his hand on her hand till waist and says, “The most sensitive touch like you”.

Text: CTP Multi touch; Music Listening up to 45 Hrs 15 Minutes**

He keep on lifting her hand with his hand having a mobile….says, “There is one more”.

Text on mirror: Video playback time 5 Hrs 27 Minutes**

Girl sees at her husband with naughty smile.

Both starts laughing.

Her husband clicks a selfi and leaves his mobile to take the place on mirror in the similar manner as earlier. The girl kisses down the mobile reflection on mirror in-printing deep red graffiti of lips at the place.

Comes 2 Product windows.

Last but one will have SKYWIN S 30 with a 360 degree rotation and features on the screen as Hologram/s.

Last product window will have the product range collage carrying

S108 Series & S78 Series range of Mobile Set
V98, V96A, V81 & V70 Series of TABLETs.

Treatment-SKYWIN Product Range

Thank you friends.


Ad film – 30 sec

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