Ad Film concept on Slimmming

I wrote it on 11.06.2016.


A teenager girl is walking on road.

Few naughty boys of her mohalla start teasing her in multiple ways – A boy makes a plump face by pumping air in her mouth. Another boy shows her a big fat balloon.

One more starts mimicking her heavy walk.

We observe that the boys are teasing her because she is quite obese and plump.

She is trying to avoid them by escaping but the boys are not allowing him to loose. She start feeling embarrassed & guilt of her personality, paces, tries to escape with accelerated footsteps but in the attempt the poor girl falls down.

She tries to stand up quickly but due to her weight she loses her balance and falls again. Her frock makes a weird situation when she falls for the second time.

She is harassed now.

Boys start laughing.

Some passer-by also smiles at her with sympathetic faces. Enough. The boys leave the place but they are constantly laughing.


The girl is weeping in her room. Her worried mother tries to come in but she realizes that the room is locked from inside since she knows that the episode repeated again. Girl is constantly weeping.

Slimming Facility:

Camera is entering a lobby to pause next to a transparent glass and we register two fatty legs crossing behind the glass. They cross the glass and fades out to give place to some fading in alpha-numerical figures.

Lastly this stays, “Fade to “After 30 Days”.

The text fade out to two beautiful legs which comes towards the glass and crosses in the similar manner as the fat legs crossed.

We observe the difference between both walks.

This walk is very-very confident.


Early morning. Inside the same room she is touching her beautiful shaped legs very gently on her bed; wearing a sleeveless banyan & short. This is the same girl. Now we are seeing a pretty looking / nicely chiselled / attractive girl.

A beautiful avatar of our obese girl:

We see her sitting comfortably; very stylistically on her sofa in the living room. Close up of her face (Face lifting) / freely flowing open hairs.

Girl is standing in front of a life size mirror; Touching her hips (Buttock Reshaping); Tummy (Tucking); Breast (Breast Augmentation).

Next to mirror is hanging a photo-frame in which we see the old fatty girl.

Camera pans upwards from her toes and stops at her face.

The girl turns towards the camera and throws a very sweet smile.  Girl starts coming towards the camera very confidently. She is wearing a designer bag hanging which is hanging on her waist –

“A Kind of style Icon”.

She is on the similar location now where the film opened. Outside, the boys and other people are mesmerized seeing her. Girl keeps walking when a silky red cloth flies on screen / transform the background a seamless environment giving way to our Slimming and Beauty Centre.

Girl stops to form the final branding / product Window.

TFWA Regn.:19721

शुक्रिया दोस्तों !




Ad Film concept on Slimmming

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