Animation Film Concept on Slimming

I wrote it on 14.06.2016

Close up of a  table:

A paper is lying on the table. It start flying in air due to a sudden wind. A hand comes inside the screen to pick the paper before it falls down. Hand corrects the angle of paper to look at it.

We see that Paper has drawings of two homes made of pencil which very soon start transforming to three dimensional architecture.

Cut to:

Morning sun is rising against a beautiful orange sky. Birds are flying away from their nests / chirping. We see those two homes in wide and the camera starts moving towards the window on a home.


It approaches bedroom to reveal a couple sleeping on bed. God rays are entering inside home (from window). We register poster of a body builder.

The boy wakes up with a smile and comes in front of the poster. He makes a pose similar (to compare his personality). He smiles shyly at the bulge which appears on his biceps and turns his neck back towards to see his wife.

Cut to:

An obese girl is sleeping on the bed. Boy comes to her and attempts to wake her up. She prefers to sleep. Boy repeatedly tries to wake her up and succeeds when the girl wakes up but still avoiding rising. Boy picks her hand to pull her away from bed.

Cut to:

Both are walking in a park’s jogging circle. As soon as the boy paces to move forward from her, she stops and moves away to sit on a nearby bench.

Boy start jogging but soon he observes that she is not accompanying. Stops to find her on the bench far away. He paints an anger on his face.

Inside Home:

Cut-Ins of pieces of chicken, wafers, burger and ice cream, Girl’s mouth eating.


The Girl is sitting on dining chair, eating when the boy enters. He comes near to her. See him with a subtle anger and try to pull her plate away. Girl starts resisting by not allowing him to take her food. Repetitive attempts. The girl leaves her grip suddenly.Not able to balance, the boy abruptly falls down and food spreads on the surface.

The girl laughs; hurries towards the refrigerator to find the food items.

Cut to:

Boy does not say anything. Frustrated. He moves to window and start looking outwards. He see a girl moving on the road to enter his neighborhood home (2nd drawing of home on the paper).

She is a beautiful girl of nicely chiseled body.

Next Day:

Boy is returning from his walk alone. He observes the same (neighborhood) girl coming out from her home to go somewhere.

Boy’s expressions / happy & naughty.

Instead of coming to his home he turns towards the girl and start following. After some distance he see that the girl is entering in a slimming center. The girl enters inside and boy also follows.

Cut to:

Inside his home – The boy presents his wife a bouquet of roses and chocolates which makes her very happy. He picks her hand to let her move outside the home with him.

Cut to:

Both entering the slimming center.

Cut to:

Dates are changing on the calendar to stop at some date.

Cut to the slimming center door:

A beautiful girl is coming out from the center.

She stands to wait for someone. Actually she is expecting some one. Like a hero, the boy (her hubby) is waiting outside the gate. As soon as he see his wife coming out of the center he gets naughty to produce a flying kiss very romantically.

Numerous / cute / little hearts are flying in air to reach the girl. Girl accepts those hearts. She turns back to the center to produce a flying kiss very sweetly. The boy sees a big heart going towards the center.

They smiles and hug each other.

Product window.

शुक्रिया दोस्तों !




Animation Film Concept on Slimming

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