Face Cream Ad Film Concept – Darpan Jhooth Nahin Bolta

I wrote it on 5.11.2014

A girl wake-up in morning.

She is wearing short and T Shirt. She stretches her hands and leaves her bed. She is sharp faced girl with a fleshy body. She goes in front of dressing table’s full sized glass….moves her fingers from inside her hairs to her face and get dull while looking at her reflection in glass.


Close up of her facial expressions.

She moves to balcony.

Since it is morning  people are taking sunbath on their balcony, terrace etc. Sad girl observes that nobody throws attention due to her down skin tone. She comes back (realizing this) in front of dressing glass. Standing dull.


Suddenly glass gets transformed eyes.

Glass smiles looking at her with a care and raises its hand towards her, welcoming her to go inside with it.

Girl travels inside the dressing glass with a beautiful transition.

There is sur-real world inside.

Rainbow in dreamy sky, birds chirping on trees, butterflies on hedges and flowers. Very near is a pond with lots of heavenly lotus flowers on the surface.

The inquisitive girl feels a magical attractions towards the pond. She moves to touch a half bloomed lotus flower in the pond.


As soon as she touches the petals, flower blooms completely to project the product. It is a creampack.

The girl loooks at the glass surprisingly. It is resting down the tree.


Girl comes towards the glass. It smiles very positively and prompt her to use the cream. She ( in hallucination ) take  little cream to use.

Suddenly a magical transformation of her skin shade follows.

The skin tone turns pinkish bright.

Her hair flows in the magical breeze around. Even her costumes changes to turn her into a heavenly angel.

Glass smiles at her and raise its hand towards her to take her back.


She comes out from the dressing glass in her room and go out to the balcony again. Suddenly a breeze flows to divert everybody’s sight towards her only.


Establishment of Product window.

शुक्रिया दोस्तों !


Face Cream Ad Film Concept – Darpan Jhooth Nahin Bolta

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