Face Cream Ad Film Concept – Zero Se hero


I wrote it on 24.11.2014

A 19-20 yr old dark toned boy at Call Center office. He is wearing stripped shirt and black trouser. Working.

He looks at his front seated Babe.

The hot babe and others do not give him any looks due to his below average personality (nobody takes any interest in shaking him hands).

From the cafeteria reception he observes the Babe sitting alone, switching his lighter on-off-on-off….busy playing with her i-Phone.

The boy stops his lighter.Not able to suppress his urge, he fills two mugs of coffee before he offers one to the Babe.

She ignores him completely,

“Le aaye ho to rakh do”.

She replies courtesy less; without sighting him. Neighborhood boys and girls smiles sarcastically. The boy offers his mug to her and moves away silently. Feeling very low.

Late evening the boy enters his society flat. Sits silently on his chair; lighter in his hands. Cigarette pack in his shirt front pocket. Ashtray lying on the center-table.

Switches his lighter on & off/ on & off/ on & off.

CGI: Suddenly its flame start taking a Gandalf shape which transforms into product pack. The pack starts revolving gravity less; up on the flame. He takes the pack and opens it to reveal a flare of heavenly light source.

Transition to morning sun/ a very beautiful nature shot.

Boy’s flat’s exterior in wide with morning golden sun rays shimmering on window glasses.

Inside his bedroom:

The boy stretches his arms and legs inside his white sheet. We see very fair arms and legs pops out from the sheet….. finally a very handsome boy comes out of his bed. He comes in front of wall mirror, smiles and looks at his photograph hanging next to the wall.

Cut to:

He enters his office.

Everybody surprises.He goes to his chair and sits silently in front of his work-station. Cut to a close up of coffee mug. The hot Babe is offering coffee to this handsome boy now.

Product Window establishes with the tagline.

शुक्रिया दोस्तों !


Face Cream Ad Film Concept – Zero Se hero

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