MADAME Presents Zoe i Perfume – TVC

I wrote it on 24.10.2014

Tvc Script: “Girly Obsessions”

Close up of girls fingers opening the product and revealing her mesmerizing face. Fumes spread to reveal girls anatomy standing in front of a big glass on the wall. Fumes keeps on revealing and it starts transforming the background (which is a mansion interior) from color to monochrome and vice-versa.

Girl looks at a nearby sculpture of male figure.

Tights of her beautiful expressions.

She starts walking in front of series of glasses on the walls.

Keeps on moving.

Background transformation reflects the moods. We see her reflections on the glasses – different poses/ different dresses.

She rhythmically runs towards the door.

We play with her tights and some wide angle camera.

She is about to touch the exit and a fountain outside begins in monochrome (Wide).

She slows down to a state of walk.

Time-lapse to night and she turns back to inside.

Now the similar mansion interiors have lights and colors – the hypnotic girls runs.

Visual fade to reveal the product window on the canvas.



Format – Live Action plus CGI.

Film Writers Association Registration: 287238


Joe i

Joe i_Treatment Sheet



इस कन्सेप्ट पर फिल्म बन चुकी है !

मैंने यू. आर एल्. ऊपर दे दिया है !

शुक्रिया दोस्तों !







MADAME Presents Zoe i Perfume – TVC

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