Slimming Ad Film Concept – Post Pregnancy

Int. House. Day

A beautiful pregnant lady is sitting on a comfortable sofa. She is a fat, mid-sized lady in her pregnancy days who is browsing a Life Style magazine.

We see a bowl full of wafers is lying next to the magazine.

While turning the pages she does not forget to pick and eat the wafers from the bowl. She stops turning the pages when she registers a food brand.

Close up of the advertisement shows very appetizing dishes such as fried chicken, burgers, chocolates and cold drinks and she starts feeling the dishes by touching the pictures.

CGI: As soon as she touches a picture, the dish transforms to reality and comes out of the magazine. Woman picks the dish from air and eats it.

Cut to:

After the delivery of her baby the lady is back to normal.

No tummy remains but she observes that she got flab (undoubtedly). She start attempting to find suitable clothes for her from her ward robe / struggles / pick out clothes / throw them away.

Finally she finds one jeans. The jeans though fit her but it is very tight. She makes attempts to tie the buttons.

Cut to:

She is standing on a weighing machine and registers that weighing machine gets an avatar / facials – first she makes a face of being pressed or squeezed and then we see her kilograms are highlighting drastically (90kgs).

CGI: The machine smiles sarcastically at her.

Seeing this, lady gets sad and comes down the machine to sit on a nearby sofa. She tries to focus on wall mounted LED television and start browsing the channels.

She observes a food commercial and stop at a channel. Her facial expression clearly shows her desire to eat the food shown on television.

CGI: We see that the commercial pauses itself and food items start coming out of television screen to rotate around her. She tries to catch them but fails and the food objects goes back to television screen.

Ad film continues.

Her face shows an expression of unhappiness.

Ext. Market. Day

She is roaming in a market with her husband when all of sudden an advertising hoarding of a food company diverts her attraction.

It shows, “EAT MORE”.

CGI: In the similar way the food items in hoarding advertisement comes out to revolve around her to tease her. She is badly hungry but helpless to eat.

Unable to control her urge to eat she leaves her husband’s hand and rushes towards a nearby open garden restaurant.

Inside the garden is running a buffet. Watching the buffet with greed she gets hallucinated to go into her dream.

CGI: In her dream there is a fountain of chocolate / waterfall of cold-drinks / nearby pond contains lotus flowers with leaves as pizzas / a mountain of ice-cream. She smiles to pick a scoop of ice cream from the mountain.

Comes closer to camera….smiling…says,

” Tagline”


शुक्रिया दोस्तों !



Slimming Ad Film Concept – Post Pregnancy

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