Ad Film Concept for Diamond Sinks

This concept was submitted to an agency called ‘Water Your Brand‘.
It was written 14.06.2015


Andhere mein ek leg canvas mein enter karta hain fir doosra leg aata hai. Girl rampwalk karti hui kisi model ki tarah chalna shuru karti hai.

Footsteps follows…

Cut to:

Camera is in back of the same girl.

The girl reveals to full as it moves forward from the camera.

She is wearing a towel shoes. She has wrapped herself in a white furry towel. It is revealed that she in a swimming costume of black color. Her hairs are flowing in air.

She is passing from a lobby…walking towards a sliding glass door in her front / on floor of white and black tiles.

On her both sides is a door sized window of transparent glass with clearly visible greens cape outside.

Cut to:

Her towel is falling on the tiles.

Her thighs visible.

Cut to:

Her foot in close-up.

She is playing with water.

Cut to:

She is swimming under water.

Different cuts.

Her face is not yet revealed.

Cut to:

A medium shot where her hear head emerges from water in high-speed. Water drops are spreading out from her wet hairs.

Cut to:

Extreme close-up of her eyes only.

From here the camera dolly out very slowly to reveal her till the waist. We observe that she is in a lavish swimming pool. The steel stair is visible / water pouring from upwards /out-focused.

Cut to:

Water flow / dropping.

Cut to:

In top angle shot we see the girl in movement and water is falling from top. Tracking the water flow we go upward to find a tap source. Now our canvas shows a bigger tap throwing water on the girl, which looks smaller in water. She takes a dive to move inside water.

Cut to:

Visual similar to the creative benchmark.

Cut to:

Mirror. Girl is visible in mirror / wet hair / wearing bathing gown.

She touches the sink in seduction in an animated way.

Brand name reveals.

She takes a side in the canvas before establishing the product window.

शुक्रिया दोस्तों !


Ad Film Concept for Diamond Sinks

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