Ad Film Concept for Dr. Batras Multi-Speciality Hospital

This concept was submitted to an agency called ‘Water Your Brand‘.
It was written July 2015
Sun is setting against sea.
This is a beach (Like Silver beach, Juhu).
Joggers are visible. Some people leisure’s. A lady of about 50 years is walking parallel to sea. She is with her 4-5 years old grandson. Camera looks from back. Sylhoutte shot. Against the setting sun.
Early morning in a colony.
We see a house exterior – A motorbike parked inside the gate; some cotton sarees are drying in balcony.
Interior of a bedroom.
Godrays are entering inside from a window.
Camera shows close-up of a hand of a young boy with a wrinkled hand of an old lady.
Camera tilts up to show boys other hand. He is supporting his grandmother to rise from the bed. Takes her to a nearby sofa and leave her to sit.
Meanwhile the boy goes to the corner and start practicing his arrow & bow.
Grandmother is feeling lot of joint pain and murmuring like old ladies do.
The arrows makes little noise.….shataak…shataak….
Grandmother has no interest in his game.
The boy throws a smile on her to leave the room.
She does not feel relax sitting on sofa therefore she stands up with efforts….supports her leg joints…to walk towards the window…murmurs.
Boy comes inside with a cup of tea for her.
He support her to sit on rest chair next to the window and places the cup on a stool lying next.
She takes the cup to sip unwillingly,
“ Ek to haddiyon ka dard; subah subah gas ki problem ho rahi hai; aur diabetes….us par tum meethi-meethi chai de rahe ho”
Still “badbadate” hue she puts down the cup back.
She goes back to her sofa and sits,
“ lag raha hai BP ki problem bhi ho rahi hai”.
Boy is watching his grandmother activities.
He picks up an arrow to hit the target perfectly. As soon as his arrow hits the board, board graphics transform to Dr. Batra’s branding logo.
Sweet boy comers closer to his grandmother.
He puts his left hand gently on her shoulder/ back and says,
“ Dadi Bimariyaan Anek. Bharosa Ek. Dr. Batra’s
Both are entering Dr. Batra’s Multi Speciality Hospital.
Product window establishes.
Duration-30 sec
Tagline: Emotional connect.
शुक्रिया दोस्तों !
Ad Film Concept for Dr. Batras Multi-Speciality Hospital

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