Ad Film Concept on Toothpaste

I wrote it on 24.12.2014

It is dawn time on a sea shore. Birds are rushing back to their nests.

We register a handsome young boy jogging against the twilight/reddening sky on sea shore.

Some object stuck with his left feet. He observes that is an antique piece of beautifully carved glass bottle of chameleon tint. Boy observes a thick sheet of paper rolled and tied with a rich maroon ribbon of silk.

Surprised and Inquisitive.

He open the lid to get the rolled paper.


As he unrolls the paper we register a beautiful home in construction. Wall by wall rooms are built. Different colors of paint appears; painting these walls. Home formations gets complete. Home start rotating in 3d / 360 degree.

Camera starts pulling out and we see home rotating in boys retina. Camera pull out more to show his happy face.


He is surprised to see a wireframe diagram of same house on the paper. Wireframe diagram starts rotating and converting into colored/ shaded form. Soon more diagrams and text start forming on the empty space on paper.

Boy realizes that it is a beautiful catalogue of a paint brand.


Boy finds himself inside the living room of same home.

A brush start writing the tagline on its walls:

“ Khoobsurat ghar hamara sapna hai”

“Un sapnon mein rang bharte khoobsurat Asian paint”

“Banay aapke ghar ko sapnon ka ghar”

“Ting. Tong”

A paint box/container appears to establish product window.

शुक्रिया दोस्तों !


Ad Film Concept on Toothpaste

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