It is dawn time on a sea shore.

We register a handsome young boy jogging against the twilight/reddening sky on sea shore.

Birds are rushing back to their nests.

Some object stuck with his left feet.

He observes that is an antique piece of beautifully carved glass bottle of chameleon tint. Boy observes a thick sheet of paper rolled and tied with a rich maroon ribbon of silk.

Surprised and Inquisitive.

He open the lid to get the rolled paper.

As he unrolls the paper we register a beautiful home in construction. Wall by wall rooms are built. Different colors of paint appears; painting these walls. Home formations gets complete. Home start rotating in 3d / 360 degree.

Camera starts pulling out and we see home rotating in boys retina.

Camera pull out more to show his happy face.

He is surprised to see a wireframe diagram of same house on the paper. Wireframe diagram starts rotating and converting into colored/ shaded form. Soon more diagrams and text start forming on the empty space on paper.

Boy realizes that it is a beautiful catalogue of a paint brand.


Boy finds himself inside the living room of same home.

A brush start writing the tagline on its walls:

“ Khoobsurat ghar hamara sapna hai”

“Un sapnon mein rang bharte khoobsurat Asian paint”

“Banay aapke ghar ko sapnon ka ghar”

“Ting. Tong”

A paint box/container appears which establishes the product window.

Film Writers Association Reg. No.: 19721

Date: 24.12.2014

Duration: 30 sec






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