Beautiful Ad Film Concept for a South Indian Mobile & Tab company

A young girl is playing on swing in a beautiful garden filled with god rays, butterflies and visually registering misty depth/s.

She is angelic / but hot girl / wearing golden yellow rather orange yellow frilled skirt (chiffon) like sexy Barbie doll. Her glorious skin adds on the composition beauty by enhancing the aura.

001 (2)

Arms of the swing are embroided with coloured roses (30% desat). Some small leaves in between enhances the canvas.




She is talking to her boyfriend/ pretending that she is responding audience. Her conversation will reveal the USP and salient features of Product – a mobile.

Costume refs

She concludes with showing the product which is her integral companion/ attribute.

Product window follows.

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Beautiful Ad Film Concept for a South Indian Mobile & Tab company

Childhood impressions

My first few memories dates back to first ever Liril soap ad in 1985 ( featuring Karen Lunel.

Few more i remember today were Colgate ad in which Baby Guddu, one of the most popular child actor of Hindi films acted ( and Rasna’s ‘I love you Rasna’ (

Alyque padamsee:

The first liril ad was a masterpiece of its own calibre, a product ofAlyque Padamsee’s imagination.

A girl having fun under a waterfall with a Liril soap.

Alyque Padamsee, former CEO of Lintas and the creator of the ‘Liril girl’ told Economic Times, “I feel vindicated because there are some appeals that are timeless. Freshness in a tropical country has an eternal appeal which is now being revived.”


Think Liril and the next thing that comes rushing to mind is its trademark ‘La, lalala, la, la, la’. This tune is closely followed by the visual of a girl frolicking under a waterfall. The Liril Girl, conceived in 1974 by ad agency Lintas (now Lowe Lintas & Partners), and discontinued in 2009, is quite simply an audio-visual treat.

Shazahn Padamsee:

40 Years Ago and now – Kushal Srivastava, Director MAK Productions offered me to write ad film for Alyques proud daughtor, Ms. Shazhan Padamsee.

Please find the on-line presence:

Madame presents to you ‘Joei Perfume’. The essence that will keep you fresh all day long.

I am thankful to MAK Productions for offering me design main costume for the pretty actress.



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Childhood impressions

First Love


Here is the English Version for all my friends on Mother Earth

I was of 12 years.


I do not know now how but I developed soft corner with a boy (a man rather) of thrice of my age.

I remember that those days I always felt good to think about him and to care about his family also.


I attempts to avail any opportunity to get a glimpse of him. It was very pleasing to know more and more about him. He was a Bengali guy. Bengali traditions and culture used to attract me most.

See this is how nature shapes us.

I belong to Kayastha family. I was studying in Khalsa School. A good number of my friends were bengali. Down the line (next 12 years)  my destiny was about to take me to Mumbai (Among Marathi , Guzrati and Parsi families) via Delhi (A mixed culture which is predominated by Punjabi traditions and values).

Anyway, I felt that my attraction towrds that guy was something which was very original; very natural. And with the age onset, girls and boys face these emotions/ feeling (whatever..) with someone (compatible).


You know when you are in the journey, from child to teenhood, whatever comes as the force of attraction to us, we term it as LOVE.

A serious kind of love !

We try (then) that the feeling must prevail.

When I was passing the stage, it was the time when the things really do not traverses in fast track.

There was distant seeing (of each other). It used to take ages to know the name of person you are attracted with. And then realization knock your door.

My innocent journey got severly ( 🙂 ) hurted when I realized (in open day-light) that my bopy is considering me a kid.

” Beta tum music seekhti ho kya ?”

[ Hey Kid, are you learning music ]

Shattering !


I heard the words which were more coherent than a laser. and more sharper than shrapnel. I remember that I just moved my head (a very little). That occasion was of some marriage.


And the pain—it’s real, isn’t it?

Like tangible pain.

My heart was broken. It was the saddest thing in the world.


I grew young, grew mature.

Mature enough to realize the difference between ‘Infatuation’ and ‘Love’.


In actual it was a temporary love of an adolescent , “Me”.

It was like falling in love with or becoming extremely interested in someone (that Bengali boy) or for a short time.

This realization came me only after I found my life-partner, when I gradually realized that“Being in love, you transform and into someone new and you can never go back to”.


Thank you friends.


First Love


As the film opens we see the objects like red color belly of a girl leg first.


It moves further  to show a red-white branded handbag of a girl at a little distance and further to show belly of other leg and finally reveals a modern young girl sitting on a seamless puffy.

This all is happening against a seamless bg.

The girl is very beautiful. She is cute too but currently not looking in a happy mood. Her face is very fair, eyes are naughty and hairs are curly and dense. Though not skinny but her thighs show her next generation features.

All of sudden a montaz of fast-backward shots runs quickly which is followed by a normal forward motion showing the same girl entering on the empty background.

First her right hand intercut is shown. The hand is trying to pick a text [HANGOUTS]. Secont cut shows her hand trying to pick a text [VIDEO]. Now we see her full, in wide, she is continuing chasing words [STATE-OF-THE-ART MOBILE TELECOMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY]. We observe that she is trying to catch the words but the words sparks and disappears before she catches. As this disappears another set [SKYPE] appears on an opposite end. She runs to catch it but it also disappears as soon as she is about to catch. Another [Mobile web access] appears little far from her. Then, another [HIGH DEFINITION TV]. And, another [MOBILE REMOTE FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS]. And, another [PERVASIVE COMPUTING] Etc.

She jumps one after the other; trying to catch…..fails… come in foul mood only. She kicks off her one belly, then throws away her bag and kicks another belly. Sit quietly on the puffy at the horizon near left of the screen. (As we earlier showed).

She is looking very sweet but as I said, not in good mood (DO NOT KNOW HOW TO GET ALL HER DEMANDS FULFILLED). Suddenly her attention diverts when she observes different colorful icons of modern apps and utilities, for which a next generation girl like her is mad for. She clearly sees these icons circling around her head on a Circular path. Girld is dreamy dreamy. In the same cut suddenly a hand cones on her shoulder.


This is Girl #2.Girl #2 is wearing Punjabi attire.She spells her name and takes our girl to wondrous world of SKYWIN by transforming the whole environment turns into a modern home background.Our girl registers a screen displaying hologram style branding of SKYWIN.

There runs….. SKYWIN BRANDING.

Girl #2 smile at our girl.She moves towards the screen. She presses a neon bluish (out of two) icon having glowing wireframe texture of a mobile set. It activates the screen. SKYWIN logo takes its place. We see a revelation of SKYWIN’s Android Mobile Series and other editions; the icons pops and takes their places. Our girl (Girl #1) is seeing the Screen surprisingly. We can easily observe her mood change now. She looks at Girl #2.

Girl #2 selects an android mobile model and the model high-lights itself in center; big in size; other editions changes their place down the center edition. Our Girls clearly registers the features of this mobile model circling around it on the screen. Girl #2 throws a smile at her and picks up a the beautiful shining glossy mobile. The mobile hologram converts into a real physical form and comes in her hand. She gives the model to our Girl. Our Girl is utterly surprised.


She is having SKYWIN in her hand.


Girl #2 disappears.

She again looks surprisingly to the screen when she observes another another girl appearing.

This is Girl #3.

She is wearing a South Indian Saree.

Girl #3 let SKYWIN TAB series appear and disappears. She presses the second neon bluish (out of two) icon which is having a glowing wireframe texture of TAB.

Now we see a revelation of SKYWIN’s Android TAB Series; the icons pop and take their places on the center of screen. Girl #3 smiles at her loving. She makes a gesture for welcoming her to browse at her own. She disappears.

Utterly surprised.

In happiest moods she looks at her mobile set.She comes in front of screen and places her mobile at screen surface. The mobile converts into glowing hologram and start rotating like other editions. She girl start browsing or rather playing with the SKYWIN products on the screen. The features are still revealing themselves.

Very subtle.

Finally she selects a TAB to explore more.

She counters three persons in video conferencing/ chat box:

–          Her mother asking about her health (as always mothers do).

–          Her boyfriend asking her to come on date today (as they do).

–          Her Boss telling her about 30% increments is she about to get.

Very happy she selects a musical track on the Tab on screen and presses play button. As soon as she touches play icon Girl #2 and Girl #3 appears. South Indian girl/ or Punjabi girl (anyone) plugs SKYWIN earphone with our girl’s ears.

All three look proudly towards SKYWIN Family.



Thank you friends